Enter the sacred space of touch

and let yourself be carried away by the waves of sensuality and shared pleasure

Here you are, laying down on the ground, your mind listening, waiting for the first gesture, the one which will indicate you that we are leaving the shore for this promise journey, in-between your world and mine.

Maybe you think that your body is so fragile. Yet, in my hands, you will discover all your substance, all your sensual spirit. And the only desire remaining will be to let you go again and again on this wavy rhythm exploration. An experience of the body as long as of the heart and soul.

I am aware of this « thing » flowing in my hands since always. But I not really had any idea of what to do with this. So I first chose the theatre stage, to be an actress, and give expression classes.

When I met Tantra, everything suddenly fell into place and as obvious I decided to offer Tantric massages.

Sensuality, sacred sexuality, honouring the body as the Temple of the Soul, Ritual touch are all part of essential elements for me. I am graceful for every Man or Woman who choose to get on board with me for this fabulous expedition in Terrae Incognitae, this land of his/her own sexual and sensual energy. And who knows how you will be transformed after such a trip? So… Ready to get on board?!


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