Hello and Welcome.

Me is Florent.

My curiosity about life led me to tantra practices, and I discovered there a very pleasant, enriching and fulfilling space.

It was a space where I felt like a fish in water and in which I had facilities to bring other people towards the same kind of experience that I had been able to live.

Today, after a few years of tantric practice, massages and individual support;

I can present my approach to you as the creation of a space in which

you can move forward at your own pace, and in which I guide you to get to the Heart of your being.

A space in which you can be yourselves in all dimensions of your humanity.

A space in which you can allow yourself to live, to feel, to vibrate to the depths of your body and your being.

A space in which you can surrender completely.

All this in Simplicity and in our Humanity.

If you want, I’m here.


Tantra massage for women


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