It is wonderful to be a man!
I am pationated to pass on to you what I was able to experience in tantra
among men: cohesion, authenticity, masculine strength and dedication and
how wonderful it is to be a man!

I am a singer, vocal teacher, special educator and body therapist. I have learned
about various treatment methods that enrich my tantric work.
My personal and professional motivation is based on experiences that are of
fundamental importance to me: yoga, tantra and groups of men (MKP).
For me, life means developing a harmony between body, heart, soul and spirit.
Tantra teaches us to dance with male and female energy, between Yin and
Yang! So one day, during a Tantra course among men, my heart opened.
It is fundamental for every man to find a peaceful connection with his male
energy. Source of his identity, strength, lust, life's path and ability to love.
Tantra massage from man to man, whether heterosexual or homosexual, is a
wonderful way to experience and act on this self-image.
I look forward to welcoming you

Tantra massage for men

Basics in Spanish and Portuguese

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