Available from 18 to 26 May

I'm a natural and spontaneous 'tantric' woman. About five years ago I wanted to get away from everyday life, so I went to India to study Tantra. I found peace, inner serenity and psychological health.

Tantric massage is about love, kindness, respect, spirituality and the touch that connects us as humans. There is no better medicine than spending happy moments linked to pleasure.
I look forward to sharing this approach to Tantra with you through my massages. I am of Italian origin and will communicate with you in English.

Tantric massage for women and men, gentle domination

Dear Deva, thank you for these wonderful moments. The memories I have of them are of that connection and that intensely close and sensual presence at every moment, of the pleasure you gave me from the beginning to the end of the massage and of your human warmth. I loved it. I loved it (Francis)

Hello everyone, just a few words about Deva. When she came to pick me up at the entrance, I saw a beautiful woman arrive, very seductive, dressed with class. The way she spoke, so softly in Italian... it was just wonderful. (Well, for those who speak it.) Her sensual massage was so generous. You will remember it for a long time. (Enrico)

English, Italian