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26 entries.
Pittet Yves
I've been receiving care and listening from Pierre P. for a year now. Although these encounters have brought me a lot of emotions, it's always a great pleasure to arrange a next meeting. The most astonishing session was when I received a thorough foot massage, which brought tears to my eyes even though I don't pay much attention to my feet. Yves
my very first experience of a Tao massage. Dorothéa quickly established a climate of trust through her generosity and the gift of herself. I could feel the energy bubbling up inside me. The connection was almost immediate; I can't wait for the next session. It feels so good to be alive. F.M
A tantric massage given by a man is often a case of double or nothing... How do you know if you can trust him, if you can let yourself go in complete safety? Florent is one of those people who immediately puts you at ease. With his respectful touch and his no-holds-barred approach to Tantra, he enabled me to reconnect with my body, my vital essence, in complete freedom, joy and sharing. Thank you for these timeless moments that transcend all boundaries!
When the magic happens... Parenthèse, respiration... Some will be tempted to use these words to describe this experience. They'd be right, but they'd be way off the mark. A journey where you know the destination without knowing the route. In a climate of total trust, rarely found in an increasingly aseptic world. A trust that inspires freedom. A freedom that's all the greater for being part of a clearly defined framework. A treat, a delight, a way of reaching a form of paradise in profound serenity. Free and constrained at the same time, or rather a controlled freedom....Gentle and hard at the same time, or rather a skilfully constructed gentleness... Natural, even wild, and reasoned at the same time, or rather a nature imbued with culture. A sharing of lives... With the greatest respect for each other! Some people will say that it's 'fine' afterwards! That's true, but what's better is that we're different. That life is different.... Thank you for your time!
Jean luc
This trip was superb and magical, thank you Anita.
I've just left Petra full of positive energy, it was magical! I'd even say it was the best massage I've ever had in my life. This woman is splendid and exudes sensuality, a true goddess. At first sight, I was charmed. A true tantra massage professional, gentle and erotic. What else? Can't wait to see you again Petra 🌹
If you're reading this, it's because you're interested in a Tantra moment with Dorothéa. So don't hesitate a moment longer. It's hard to describe how I feel when she takes care of me. But since I met her I've had several 2 to 3 hour experiences in her hands. Each time it's a moment that's both magical and unique, because she senses my needs at the time and adapts her approach. I'm really happy to have crossed your path, Dorothéa, and look forward to our next session.
I'm starting to reconnect with the joy of living. Since the session with Florent, I've felt not just joy, but a deep, meditative peace. My mind has calmed down, I'm more focused and I see things much more clearly (both inside and outside me). A real moment of sharing and intimacy with the other person and with myself. With a great deal of freedom and gentleness, I experienced self-acceptance and a deep respect for my body, my history and my essence; until that day, all these words had only been concepts to me. Florent's style has a sensual sensitivity that is both powerful and balanced. He has mastered the art of "going with the flow", like a dance. At every moment he captures and instantly adapts to the subtlest variations in my rhythm and emotional state, and that's so reassuringly tender. He knows how to reinvigorate my energy after a plateau. The week after the session was even more surprising, pleasant and revealing. My soul and my body thanked me tenderly and generously for the attention they had received.
I've been wanting to tell you about my journey of sensual discovery under Florent's guidance for a long time now, but I'm finding it hard to put into words how rich it is. I called on Florent to help me free myself of my many complexes and inhibiting blocks so that I could meet myself as a woman again (without really believing it). And to my great amazement, by the second session I felt the wings of hope growing inside me! Not to mention the wings of desire! (which I was sorely lacking). With his attentive and caring presence, his respectful attentiveness to my needs, and his overall caring approach, Florent guides me through this marvellous bodily, sensual and spiritual experience... mystical even for me, and which takes me back in a dance step (one of the tools Florent uses), one step at a time, to meet the new living, vibrant and unified woman I'm becoming. So I invite you to dare to take the plunge and marvel at listening to your own melody, to feel so beautiful and so alive, and to feel the life pulsing and vibrating within you under Florent's dancing hands and reassuring presence. THANK YOU to Florent for accompanying me on this journey of exploring my natural desire and pleasure and my love for the woman I am. Thank you to the whole team! And THANK YOU to sensual discovery for making this possible. Mirella
See you in December 2022 Catarina is a very special woman, she will make you live a massage out of time which will transport you in another dimension. It is difficult to put into words a unique moment experienced by her massage. It's up to you to discover.
The magic happened. After so many questions and uncertainties about Tantra massage, a warm discussion with Dorothea instilled total confidence and the desire to go upstairs. After that, it was a divine and delicious moment that would never end. I was craving sensuality. I found it with Dorothea, her words, her hands, her body, her gentleness, invaded my soul and my body. What professionalism and what magic!
I had a wonderful Tantric experience with Catarina. I really enjoyed her approach and felt all the current and energy flowing through. It's a mixture of strong support and sensual touch that was a magnificent combination. Thank you Catarina. I look forward to a new experience
Anita... a true goddess! Extremely soft, exquisitely tactile and magically sensual. Thank you Anita for this perfect moment of ecstasy that allowed me to totally let go. It was one of those magical moments when time stands still and your mind wanders off into the distance! I would never have wished it any other way! A clairvoyant attention, a fairy-like tenderness and precision in the movements of her hands and body... I could talk about it for hours.
Thank you Catarina for suspending time. It was a lovely moment of sharing and listening, and I've replenished my positive energies.
A beautiful encounter of respect, tenderness and sensuality. A massage of the highest quality and a slow, deep final part, playing with rhythm and pressure. A powerful orgasm to close this magnificent session. Paul
What can I say about Catarina..there are so many beautiful things to say..um and well that it was some very beautiful moments.. like in a dream..and that you don't want to wake up..so that it never stops! When I say beautiful moments... it's because there were several of them... I went there 3 times in less than a month... it was an extreme spell... if I dare write it... ( to ecstasy..) the look in her eyes alone is just breathtaking.. and I'm not even going to tell you about everything that's inside her...I'm going to stop here.. otherwise I'm going to write ✍️ a whole novel..once again, a thousand thanks dear catarina...
RDV of 25.02.2023 If you are reading this comment it means that you are interested in making an appointment with Dorothea, so I reassure you, go with your eyes closed because she will dazzle you with her knowledge, just extraordinary.
Ruffenach Alain
I spent a pleasant moment in her hands, a touch full of gentleness and strength at the same time. A lot of respect, tenderness and gentleness. You just want it to go on and on...
A moment of pure bliss in the hands of the beautiful Catarina. Sensuality, listening, naughtiness, all the ingredients for a great time! To be repeated very soon!
Visitor from Geneva
This is my first experience of Tantra massage. I heard about it and did some research to understand it. But the practice with Dorothea was great. She really helped me to overcome my weaknesses and understand my body better. Thank you so much!