Our tantric massages for couples

Tantric massage

You want to add a new dimension to your relationship and experience a moment of togetherness. extraordinary with your partner? Don't hesitate to come together for a beautiful experience during a shared massage.

Four-way sessions

Each of you will have the pleasure of receiving a massage, either in the same room, one next to the other, or in a separate room. the other, or in two different rooms. It's up to you. Either way, we'll We'd love to meet you and find out what you're doing together.
Classical Tantra 90 minutes - CHF 600
Tantra De Luxe 120 minutes - CHF 760

Tantra for three

We share an exclusive moment with you. One of you will be massaged by a masseuse and your partner at the same time. It's a four-handed massage that one of you will have the pleasure of receiving and the other will have the pleasure of giving.
The three of us will find harmony. We take care of you as a couple and as individuals. We will accompany you and guide you through this session, making it easy to follow us. You'll enjoy each other's company, and what's more, you'll learn a lot about massage and about yourself. We want to inspire you, bring you closer together and give you a new dimension as a couple.
Allow plenty of time, adding an extra hour to the massage time, for a warm and relaxed welcome.

Classic Tantra for three - 90 minutes massage plus time to explain beforehand - 400 chf

Tantra de luxe for three 120-minute massage plus time for explanation beforehand - 500 chf