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Discovery course for couples
13 and 14 July, hosted by Dorothea

Would you like to add a new dimension to your relationship and experience an extraordinary moment with your partner?

Over the course of a weekend, I'll share my skills as a tantric masseuse with you. With simple gestures, you can nurture confidence, find deep well-being and awaken your sensuality for mutual fulfilment.

This weekend offers you plenty of new discoveries, and can strengthen the bond between you. It's an inspiration to experience Tantra as a couple, awakening your curiosity to discover yourself from new angles, and offering the chance to share joyfully with other couples.

After this course, you'll know how to give your partner a sensual massage for shared pleasure and pleasure. with a clear conscience. You will learn :
- to get to know you better
- how to establish an atmosphere of trust that encourages people to let go
- how to find the right postures
- listening to yourself and others
- to express yourself better and communicate
- how to awaken shared sensuality
The couple will always be at the centre and their privacy preserved. To enhance the experience, a few Exercises are done individually, as well as in groups.

My motivation

I'm motivated by the desire to create an extraordinary atmosphere that encourages mindful physical pleasure. I want to offer couples an opportunity to discover themselves in a different way, outside their everyday lives.

I want to inspire you, reassure you and put you at ease. As a teacher, I'm passionate about passing on know-how, and about the personal development of each individual.
I want to give a simple and natural approach, letting bodies speak with our first language, body language.

The sharing and exchange in these workshops, the open-mindedness of the participants, their curiosity and generosity, are an immense gift.

My sources of inspiration

The content of this course is based on my professional experience of almost 30 years.
As a sports teacher specialising in sports therapies and prevention, I got to know the human body through its functionality.
I have been exposed to various methods of relaxation and body awareness. The Feldenkrais method, the Alexander technique, classical massage, Thai massage, MdH breathing coordination, singing and other approaches influence my practice.
Dance and contact improvisation have sharpened my presence and my ability to communicate spontaneously, non-verbally and through vibration.

The Taoist philosophy, the Tantra courses and my practice of Tantric massage since 2008 have enabled me to add the dimension of carnal pleasure to touch and to get to know the human being even more deeply.
And finally, all my life and work as a woman, with my very personal research into questions about the human being in its bodily, sexual and spiritual context, but also nature and every encounter are a source of inspiration for me.

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