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First of all, hello and Welcome.

My name is Florent.

My curiosity about life has led me to the practices of tantra

and I discovered a very pleasant, enriching and fulfilling space.

Over the years, my practice has evolved and become more in tune with who I am.

For me, Tantra is part of the way of the Heart, the way of surrender. It's a path towards our inner self. These are practices for taking care of ourselves, for taking back responsibility and the keys to our well-being, by reuniting the wounded parts of our being in the heart and body. The path to inner balance, harmony and unity.

When you come, you will come to a space where you take care of yourself and where you learn to take care of yourself.

A space where you can move at your own paceand I will guide you through to go to the Heart of your being.

A space where you can be yourself in your own way.
all the dimensions of your humanity.

A place where you can to live, to
to feel, to vibrate to the very depths of your body and being.

A space where you can let yourself go

A space where there are no expectations and no obligations, where only the present moment becomes the playground.

It's a way of finding yourself, in all its wholeness and lightness, as if life could be fluid.

To begin the session, we practice a few exercises from the Way of the Heart, followed by a tantric massage.

If you want, I'm here.


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