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Because it's essential for every man to find a peaceful, confident connection with his masculine side - a SOURCE OF PLEASURE,

to feel good about who you are as a man!

Because it's all about "in-carning" the masculine!

Because the BODY is where it all happens!

Because tantric massages are powerful tools:

they stimulate life energy and sexual energy,

a source of pleasure and REGENERATION,


All men are welcome, regardless of their sexual orientation.

I look forward to welcoming you!


To live is to develop a harmony of body, heart, soul and spirit.

This is precisely what Tantra brings me, the practice of the joyful and fertile dance of the feminine and masculine ... within ourselves!

It is only to the extent that I AM AT PEACE WITH MYSELF that I can FULLY MEET THE OTHER.

My heart opened up to men, and therefore to the man I am, during a men's Tantra course (with Jacques Lucas, Horizons Tantra).


LIKE MOST MEN, until then my relationship with men was based on fear: competitive relationships, feelings of inferiority/superiority, avoidance and/or contempt. And I didn't even realise it.


Since all vulnerability was outlawed, it was impossible to be authentic, to live 'the good life' between men.

It's the other way round: by "doing good by each other", we can embrace our vulnerabilities and access our authenticity!

That's why I wanted to work towards this joyful reconciliation with a savoury masculinity!

Singer, singing teacher

Specialised educator (mental and physical disabilities)

Body practitioner, treatments and massages.

My training courses :

Harmonisation of the sensitive body (Résséguier method)

Diploma in classical massage, "Toucher - massage" (Savatovski).

Intuitive tantric massage (Sky dancing tantra)

Tantric Kashmiri massage (Dacier),

Currently studying Kaula tantra (Rudrak).

My personal and professional path is rooted in experiences that are fundamental to me: yoga, tantra and men's groups (MKP).

French, English, German, Italian
Notions of Spanish 
Basics of Portuguese


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